Religious Trauma Syndrome

Yes, it’s officially been coined, Religious Trauma Syndrome or RTS.

This explains so much of my mindscape.  The church taught me a bunch of hogwash about my worth and sexuality.  Along with my dad’s negativity, of course my mind went with the flow, and I started having depressive episodes.

Apparently, even my sense of impending doom may have stemmed from the stories about the coming apocalypse. I nearly always dream of a post-apocalyptic world.  I had a great zombie dream once.  Sorry, I only remember the end.  I remember a pretty horrific movie we (I and my church) watched about the rapture/apocalypse.  I thought it was called Left Behind, but I definitely saw it before 2000.

I officially left the church in December 1999.  The church I left was cult-like in belief and evangelism.  I felt a huge weight lifted from my back, as my actual beliefs had changed.  I tried going back to one of my old churches, but there was such a feeling of being torn apart by abusive thought processes, that I cried for the church-goers.  My concept of sin was completely different, so I didn’t even fit with the local Unitarian Universalist church.

RTS is like PTSD, which was something I was diagnosed as having.  RTS has only recently become named.

Here’s to your good mental health,