ShoeMoney belt system

Project review: ShoeMoney Network

Only bother with this if you want to run a website/blog situation.  This will help you build that.  It takes you through purchasing a domain name, signing up for a monthly paid autoresponder, etc…  If you have no money to begin such a journey, or to advertise your creations, then this probably isn’t for you.  It’s good training though!

Jeremy Schoemaker created the ShoeMoney Network.  In one of his videos, he said he was frustrated that he had sold many “how to make money online” products and even though the content was good, very few people ever logged in and did anything.

He claimed that not only would training to make a passive income online be free, but that he would pay me for accomplishing tasks.  I signed up.  I do well with paid incentives.  I figured he would have me doing some of his work for him.  The first task was simple and I instantly received a dollar in my PayPal account. and yet I never paid him anything.

He earns commissions when you sign up for domain hosting and email autoresponder services.   

The course walked me through setting up MY website. I was doing all these tasks for myself!  I installed a theme,  then plugins, etc., etc.  By the end of the 2nd level he had sent me $3.  The course continued and I was glued. Maybe a little too glued, because I had already done some of these tasks, I didn’t have to wait for Google Adsense to check out my new site. They automatically activated it, so I just kept going through the course, until my brain could take no more.

Jeremy not only walks you through setting up everything step by step (paying you as you accomplish the tasks)  but also makes it fun by awarding you belts like a karate system.


This picture isn’t of my PayPal account, but mine looks similar. $7 from July 28 and July 29, 2015.

While the money was fun and kept me going, at the end I had a blog with all the key plugins, a decked out Facebook page, and an email newsletter (which I eventually shut down because I wasn’t making enough income to make up for the monthly fee).

I have spent many hours playing Gardens of Time, only this time I am gaining something of real value. I want everyone I know to be able to create a passive income.

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