Payment Processing

I attended a webinar today about creating a website for handmade businesses that would have lots of functionality, be easy to maintain by you, and be media-bait.

One of the things said was to build the site using Wordpress.  I do not mean, but instead, using the control panel of your web-hosting company to install WordPress into your account.  I have done that with this blog, but since I hadn’t planned on selling any products through this site, I didn’t bother with getting the upgraded hosting that would include a dedicated IP and SSL Certification.

If you want a shopping cart on your site, it would be in your best interest to start your service with the PCI compliant upgrade package, rather than adding the services on later.

With WordPress, you can add a Plugin called “WooCommerce”.  It is very easy to activate and will give you shopping cart functionality.

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You probably need a business bank account in order to utilize PayPal’s business features such as a shopping cart and buttons.  Not everyone is fond of using PayPal, so you might want to offer the option of sending you a money order, with the customer acknowledging that you need to receive the payment before you will ship the item.

When utilizing PayPal buttons, it is helpful to be able to make many web pages, like you are able to do in WordPress, whereas if you use Weebly as your web design method, you only get 6 pages before they start charging you for more than that.

Keep in mind you should always have certain pages on all your websites such as Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Here is an example of a PayPal add to cart button:

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