Moving and friends

I (Alice) have moved many times.  I lost many valuable things, but what hurt the most about moving was losing friends over and over again.  On the upside, I learned how to make friends easily and make many types of people comfortable talking with me.  I still am a rather slow talker, and have difficulty chatting with folks who are running at faster speeds.  I prefer to be the listening ear for them, allowing them to think out loud, get things off their chest etc.

I moved once before I could walk, once when I was 8, then 9, 10, 11, and 12 (and several times then).  My mom and I were homeless during that year.  Then once we moved again when I was 14, my mom and I were homeless again!  Once we moved to the town where I was to attend high school (9th-12th grades), We moved once during that time.

I moved several times during college, into my first marriage.  My first husband and I moved several times, at which point my friends were from church, so they stayed basically the same throughout this period.  Until, I had a major belief system shattering event and left the church (which was basically a cult).  They stopped talking with me.  I lost all my friends.  My husband was still my friend, but he hadn’t changed his beliefs like I had.

My first husband eventually left the church, we moved a couple of times, during which time I made some friends, decided to get a divorce and moved once more.

I moved again, and had to sell everything I had to make rent while working part-time at a coffee shop.  I had a friend who helped out financially when he could.  I slept on his couch for a time.  Then we decided to move to another state into separate apartments.  We were both single.  When he lost his job, he moved in with me.  We moved again together, as friends.  He eventually decided he wanted me as his girlfriend, and we moved again.  We have moved through several states and gotten married since.

It looks as if we have at least found the general area where we want to live.