Car insurance

I know that if I am submerging myself in Match 3 games that something is wrong.  I may not know what that is for some time.  Today, as I’m glancing over email subjects, deciding which emails to click on, I saw my insurance company had a survey they wanted me to take.  “Alice, tell us what you ‘really’ think”.

Wow, you know what? The insurance on our cars IS bothering me.  I left a great company I loved for a half-price but well known branded company.  However this known name, has a bad reputation for spiking premiums or dropping people for having accidents.  I asked if there was an accident forgiveness model I could sign up for, but they didn’t have one.  Uncomfortable, but really broke, I signed up anyway.  I am now uncomfortable about the thought of having an accident with our current car insurance.  That was the under-the-radar uneasiness that I couldn’t figure out.  Our new insurance cards haven’t even arrived in the mail yet.  So, I guess it didn’t take me THAT long to figure out.

I have to go car insurance shopping again, or go back to the previous company and see if they can give me a better deal than I had before.  I feel like I am going to be sick because we can’t afford to actually switch yet.  Ugh.  I know who I’m going to check with first, so that’s a start.