Bitcoin Faucets

For newbies to the bitcoin world…

1.) Bitcoin is a currency that is created through computing big problems. It is outside of governmental controls, open source money.  There are other such currencies available, but I chose to focus on bitcoin, which is a very popular one (although Dodgecoin is showing itself to be very stable).

2. Faucets offer tiny pieces of bitcoin call “satoshi” after the one who invented the concept.  To those who visit their sites.  They get their money through advertisers and donations.  100,000,000 satoshis = 1BTC But you can get several thousand satoshis per day through the faucets.  BTCs are currently (9/20/15) worth over $200.  So I did some math, and if I were to get 20,000 satoshi each day and the bitcoin were at $233, I would be making $0.46 USD per day, since that is minuscule, I prefer mining.

3. I mine bitcoin by putting some money into a cloud-based processing group who have the latest technology to do the computing.  It will take some time to get my return of investment, but I signed up for a lifetime of mining.

4. To get started with gathering satoshi, you need a “wallet”.  There is a link in the pdf for one. I chose an easy to use, very popular wallet, but it revolves around bitcoin.  If you want to work with something besides bitcoin, contact me, and I’ll get you hooked up with a wallet that will handle your needs.

5. After you have a wallet address, you can visit the bitcoin faucet sites and claim satoshi at your convenience or you can set several timers, and make a full day of it.  Some send payment immediately to your wallet, some send out weekly payments once your account reaches a certain level, some send to Faucet Box.  This is not a wallet, you do not need to register, just sign in with your wallet address.  Faucet Box holds your satoshi until it builds up and you want it transferred to your wallet.

The sites can be a little difficult to navigate, as you have to scroll through ads and fill out recaptchas to insure that you are a human, but once you are familiar with how they work, it’s a breeze.  The top three on the list are my top favorites. I usually get those three and the alien faucet up.

This is a list of currently reputable bitcoin faucets (as of 9/20/15), (it’s a pdf of bitcoin givers with notes on how much and how often you can get more). Also wallet and mining links.

Enjoy your adventure!